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De open data exports bevatten transactiedata per maand sinds 2014 van de parkeergarages Centraal, Rozet en Musis.
De data bevatten geen persoonlijke, vertrouwelijke of bedrijfsgevoelige informatie.

Transactiedata - Parkeergarages

Export beschrijving

Bestand Aantal regels Grootte Download
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201401.csv - 6.7MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201402.csv - 6.1MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201403.csv - 6.8MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201404.csv - 6.6MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201405.csv - 7.2MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201406.csv - 6.2MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201407.csv - 6.3MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201408.csv - 6.7MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201409.csv - 6.6MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201410.csv - 8.9MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201411.csv - 8.2MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201412.csv - 8.4MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201501.csv - 8.3MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201502.csv - 8.1MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201503.csv - 8.8MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201504.csv - 9.2MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201505.csv - 9.3MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201506.csv - 8.5MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201507.csv - 8.7MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201508.csv - 7.1MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201509.csv - 8.9MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201510.csv - 10.5MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201511.csv - 10.2MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201512.csv - 11.3MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201601.csv - 10.3MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201602.csv - 9.9MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201603.csv - 10.5MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201604.csv - 10.9MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201605.csv - 9.9MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201606.csv - 10.5MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201607.csv - 10.9MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201608.csv - 8.3MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201609.csv - 9.4MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201610.csv - 11.9MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201611.csv - 10.8MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201612.csv - 11.6MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201701.csv - 10.5MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201702.csv - 9.6MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201703.csv - 11.2MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201704.csv - 11.2MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201705.csv - 10.4MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201706.csv - 10.9MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201707.csv - 10.8MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201708.csv - 9.9MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201709.csv - 10.8MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201710.csv - 11.6MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201711.csv - 11.2MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201712.csv - 11.4MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201801.csv - 10.5MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201802.csv - 9.7MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201803.csv - 11.0MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201804.csv - 10.3MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201805.csv - 10.0MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201806.csv - 10.2MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201807.csv - 9.3MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201808.csv - 10.3MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201809.csv - 10.3MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201810.csv - 11.3MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201811.csv - 11.5MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201812.csv - 11.7MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201901.csv - 10.4MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201902.csv - 10.0MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201903.csv - 11.2MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201904.csv - 10.0MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201905.csv - 10.8MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201906.csv - 9.8MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201907.csv - 9.4MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201908.csv - 9.8MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201909.csv - 9.8MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201910.csv - 11.4MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201911.csv - 11.1MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_201912.csv - 11.2MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202001.csv - 10.6MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202002.csv - 10.3MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202003.csv - 5.6MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202004.csv - 2.1MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202005.csv - 4.6MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202006.csv - 7.3MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202007.csv - 9.3MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202008.csv - 8.9MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202009.csv - 8.6MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202010.csv - 7.3MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202011.csv - 5.6MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202012.csv - 4.2MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202101.csv - 2.4MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202102.csv - 2.4MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202103.csv - 3.8MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202104.csv - 4.2MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202105.csv - 7.1MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202106.csv - 8.1MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202107.csv - 9.9MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202108.csv - 9.4MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202109.csv - 8.9MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202110.csv - 10.6MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202111.csv - 8.2MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202112.csv - 5.0MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202201.csv - 4.9MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202202.csv - 7.6MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202203.csv - 8.8MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202204.csv - 9.4MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202205.csv - 9.5MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202206.csv - 9.0MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202207.csv - 9.3MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202208.csv - 8.1MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202209.csv - 9.0MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202210.csv - 10.2MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202211.csv - 9.4MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202212.csv - 10.2MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202301.csv - 5.7MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202302.csv - 8.6MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202303.csv - 10.0MB CSV
arnhem_opendata_offstreet_202304.csv - 10.0MB CSV